TP-LINK 14-Slot Media Converter Rackmount Chassis, 19″ 2U, 2 x Cooling Fans, PSU


  • Description

    14-Slot Rackmount Chassis TL-MC1400   14 bays to house up to 14 media converters Optional redundant power supply to ensure non-stop reliable operation Hot-Swappable; easy & quick replacement of converter and power supply Mounted two cooling fans for better ventilation     What This Product Does The TL-MC1400 14-Slot Rack-mount Chassis is specially designed to accommodate 14 TP-LINK‘s Media Converters for central power supply, saving space and power cables. Continuous operation is of great importance to fiber communication, so the chassis is equipped with optional redundant power supply and Hot-Swapping function which allows installing/removing the converter/power supply without powering off the chassis. Moreover, to stabilize the performance and extend the lifetime, two cooling fans are installed internally. Together with MC series Gigabit / Fast Ethernet media converters, TL-MC1400 is the ideal solution for your media conversion network.    * For TP-LINK Media Converters, TL-MC1400 supports MCXXX ver:2.0 and above, not ver:1.0.”

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